Well. Who am I? In the grand scope of the internet a neutrino. But I’m here anyway. I quit my night job almost a month ago so I could concentrate on starting a business and taking more photos. I have a bit of a scattered brain and shiny objects are constantly grabbing my attention. What kind of business would I start? I have no idea. I have one thing to sell, but we’ll see. It’s seasonal, so that project won’t be “launched” til Black Friday (stay tuned)!

I’ve been fascinated by starting a business for a while. I listen to so many podcasts and occasionally I’ll talk about them, b/c they’re awesome and you should listen to them too!

My sister-in-law lit a spark under me this past weekend and suddenly I realized I could help her start her own business. B/c I listened to all these podcasts and read these blogs for so long, I knew how she could start her own business w/ out even having one of my own! So now here I am.

The first step was to try to make my website…and carnage ensued. I was not prepared. It’s so easy!! Except for me, b/c I went down the most impossible path, as I usually do. So prepare yourself.

More to come

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