Singing in the Rain

I love to walk. I’ll walk trails just to see what nature has to offer. I live closest to Stone Mountain, and when I need to get away, I go there first.

I also love photography. Photography has been my most constant and loyal friend. I’ve learned and grown creatively since I first picked up a camera. I started in film, rotated to digital, and now I’m back to about 50/50 film and digital. I use Photoshop extensively; for my job as well as in my creative pursuits.

Sometimes when it rains here, a thick, beautiful fog settles over Stone Mountain. Last Saturday, just after New Years the wonderful conditions manifested itself and I knew it would be gloriously foggy. So I grabbed all my gear and headed up the mountain.

Here are the images from that day. I’m mostly pleased, of course there are things I wish I had done differently. This will always be the case. I’m never satisfied totally. But that’s the beauty of photography…you can get just so close, but perfection will always elude.

Here’s a video edit of one of the images from that day.

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