The Greatest Photo That Never Was

Pentax NII | Kodak Gold converted

I was in Cusseta, GA on Saturday. It was a beautifully overcast day, just perfect for me. I had visited this area in 2021 and recently set out to see how it was.

Lately, everywhere I have photographed or want to photograph is suddenly on everyone else’s radar. No sooner do I spot a good scene than the orange fence goes up, the trucks come, and the trees are clear-cut.

The speed at which they are able to destroy whole acres of trees is astounding.

But thankfully, about two hours outside of Atlanta, things are still moving a bit slower. They leave the land to just be land, the trees to just be. There is a lot of farmland down here. The openness of it all brings me such peace.

I wonder about this school. There aren’t many houses around here, so I can only imagine how few kids were even here. I guess not enough, huh?

I had my 35mm and medium format loaded so I took a few pictures from across the road and this angle. I got the great idea to make a super pano with my 4×5. I shot the image, using shift to get the left-to-right distance. It was going to be amazing!!

After I got home and prepared to develop the film, I discovered there weren’t any sheets in the holders. So yeah, the greatest image of my life that never was. Luckily, I have this one image from the Pentax.

I think this little school will be waiting for me when I get back. At least I hope so…